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Display Text on Keypads


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Look under the tabs


Configuration : Emails/Notifications : Customizations


This is where you put the content. The name goes on the left (this is what shows in the program), and the content goes on the right (this is what shows on the keypad).


Perhaps this isn't the same on all firmwares and that is why Michel is asking for that. I am running 3.3.10, but I don't recall it looking different on older firmwares.

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I am on ISY v 3.3.10

Yes, the Email/Notifications screen is where it is pulling the information from - THANK YOU! I was expecting it to pull the text from the Elk itself under "Automation, Texts" and I couldn't figure out how to import that data. Thanks again!

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I created a program such that if the garage door was open, it would display a message on-screen saying so. To erase this message when the door goes down, I just send a blank message, right?


If so, I'm assuming only one message can be displayed before being bumped by another. So you must have to use messages very cautiously, otherwise messages such as a reminder that it's Trash Day will be erased by other messages such as "Mail has gone", or displaying the outdoor temperature. Appreciate guidance, system is down today while I'm painting (no keypads - ha).

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Yes. Use repeats to keep a message alive. You can have multiple messages as long as you stagger the start times then they will all come up.


       On Mon
       Time is  6:25:00PM

       Send Notification to 'ellen gmail' content 'Trash Tuesday'
       Send Notification to 'ellen text' content 'Trash Tuesday'
       Repeat 420 times
          Wait  2 minutes 
          Set Elk Area 'Main House' Display Text on Keypads, Content 'Trash Tuesday'

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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