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For the new camera support - I know that at least the Foscams have motion detection in their code - and can notify a client about the presence of motion. Will the ISY be able to trigger programs from this motion for configured cameras - assuming the camera supports it? This would have very useful application in presence detection.


To me - that's the only useful reason to add cameras to my ISY, unless the camera URL information can be sent to MobiLinc's camera module so I don't have to keep configuring my cameras every time I reset the app.





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+1 for me on motion detection. Although some have reported the cameras themselves may be able to do something with rest updates etc. Michael likes a good workaround on the KISS principle for the ISY.


But I for one, am interested in notifications on a keypadlinc or the embedded tablets that we will all have on our walls someday.

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While I would love for the ISY to support my cams directly, I really think this change need to occur within the cameras rather than the ISY. It would be one thing if the cams could send an Insteon or Zwave event on motion but they don't and aren't likely to anytime soon. I have an old trendnet cam that had some IO capabilities and I attempted to drive an IOLinc with it until I realized that they had it entirely backwards for what I wanted to do. I could enable/disable the motion detection with the IOLinc relay but I couldn't pick up the motion alarm because they didn't bring that through to the output. Best I could do was send an email or FTP upload. Now 4 years later, the current crop of cams still can't be used as motion sensors without some third party app/device polling the cam via IP to see if the alarm state has changed. All the cam manufacturers need to do is give us the ability to send an HTTP get or post so we can use a /rest interface on the ISY or other devices and tie that to their alarm state. This should be a fairly simple firmware change for the cam manufacturers. Will it happen? I'm not holding my breath.


I feel that this really is out of the scope of what the ISY should be doing. The ISY should remain focused on it's core features, Insteon/Zwave network tasks. With the ability to send commands (Via network resources) or receive input (rest interface) to/from outside devices via IP, that should be all thats needed of it for this purpose. Yes, the network module could use some improvement. I would much rather see development effort go into extending variables, variable/device assignment, the ability to use variable substitution in network resources, the ability to evaluate responses from remote hosts and overall programmability than fixing what the IP cam manufacturers should be fixing themselves.


Just my .02



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I use Blue Iris or NETCAM Studio Camera Software to send an X10 RESt command to the ISY to let me know when a Camera was Triggered or the Trigger Ended. I can then check for the X10 command being received to trigger events within the ISY.



I agree the ISY shoud do ISY things and Camera Software should do Monitoring and Recording. Nothing says the camera Monitoring cant notify the ISY of the event! You can also include a link to the Camera in a Notify Triggered Email so whomever gets the Email can view the camera event.


I use an X10 REST command to trigger the ISY, but I assume I could also use an Insteon Command just as easily? In my case the EZX10RF captures the X10 command. I Used C10-C14 for my five Cameras so I know which camera Triggered the event. I get a X10 03 for Motion On and an X10 11 for a Camera Motion Off. From there its just telling the ISY what to do when that command is captured.


You also need to have a program monitor for Light Changes in the camera's zone. When ISY triggeres a Light to turn On or Off based on the Camera notifying ISY that Motion was detected, the Light turning On or Off will retrigger the camera Motion. I coded my X10 Received Program to delay processing the command if it occurs within 2 seconds of a light in the camera's zone going on or iff. That prevented the Lighting Change Triggered Camera Events from happening.

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I was looking at the BlueIris software as well, but that becomes another server running 24/7 and I'm trying to cut my electrical bill. Eventually I will be down to a Raspberry Pi as a Samba. ir, XMBC type server with an external SSD, and the ISY. No longer want to spend $100 a year running a windows and heavy linux server 24x7 for these features.


I do have a "server" in a hosting service, which might be plausible as I have "unlimited" bandwidth and if my ISP doesn't mind it may work.



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