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Failure to link smoke bridge 2982-222


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I received the Smoke Bridge yesterday and I have not been able to make the link. I am using the ISY/99ir v3.3.10 and neither the Start Linking" nor "New Insteon Device" was able to successfully link. The device is recognized but when it attempts to "add" it fails with a message of "cannot determine device link table address". I've attached the log and the error message. I've placed the bridge in a couple different locations, changing proximity to an access point, but with no success, although the error message seems to change.


Thanks for any advice you can lend.


ISY-Events-Log.v3.3.10__Thu 2013.02.21 12.00.44 PM.txt

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The Smoke Bridge can be moved as none of the linking is related to its physical location. Moving the Smoke Bridge to the PLM plug point eliminated the powerline communication question. However, it did not communicate with the PLM at its old plug point. That is not going to change without fixing the powerline problem.

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