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KPL single button and multiple lights


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I don't even know how to put the right subject on this so let me explain what I'm trying to do any maybe somebody can explain if it's possible or not.


In my living room I have to sets of track lighting. Both are on their own Main button on an 8 button KPL. I have a few other 8 button KPLs throughout the house that I'd like to use to indicate whether or not the living room lights are on and control them accordingly.


For example, if I turn on one of the track lights, I would like the 'D' button on the other KPLs to turn on (50% brightness would be ideal). If I turn on the other track lights I'd like to keep the 'D' button on the other KPLs on (or go to 100% brightness), but if both are off I'd like all the 'D' buttons to go off.


Conversely, if I press the 'D' button on any of these once I'd like "track light A" to turn on and if I press the 'D' button again I'd like "track light B" to turn on. Again, ideally if only one light is on then the 'D' buttons would be at 50% brightness but that's just icing on the cake really.


I was trying to do this by incrementing an integer variable that would go up one for each time one of the two lights went on and increment down each time a light would turn off, but it appears that the non-MAIN buttons on a KPL cannot be controlled through a program, only through a scene, and I'm pretty sure that's going to mean that what I want to do isn't possible, but I'm hoping somebody has another way of handling this. I'm trying to conserve buttons on the KPL as controllers/responders to other devices in the house which is why I don't do the two track lights on their own buttons. I have a couple of rooms that I want to handle like I want to handle the living room.

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First, an individual KeypadLinc button backlight level cannot be controlled. Setting the backlight level affects all buttons on the KeypadLinc and there is only Off/On level or % On level (depends on the KPL firmware). Cannot set a button backlight level to 50% of On level and later to 100% of On level. The KeypadLinc does not support that level of backlight control.


Next, Secondary KeypadLinc buttons cannot be turned On/Off with Insteon Direct commands. It is necessary to assign the KeypadLinc button to an ISY Scene as a Responder and turn the Scene On and Off.


All the intelligence needed to do different things with first button press versus second button press, whether a Secondary button is On with Main A from one KPL or Main A from another KPL has to be done with ISY Programs. The Secondary button D can be assigned as an additional Controller in an ISY Scene with one of the Main A buttons but control would be absolute. No logic to say turn On if either Main A is On. That type of logic can be implemented in ISY Programs taking into account the first two items in this post.

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