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Scene that does not update status on ISY


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I have a scene in bathroom that controls 3 lights. There are 4 realays. Two of them are in a scene as controllers for 1 light and the other two relays control one light each. Of those two other relays, one is also controller of a scene that turns all bathroom lights on so it is a load only for one light and scene controller for a scene at same time. Other three switches are responders to all lights scene. So to turn on only light above bathtub means turn on that switch and then turning off two others (not a problem).


The problem is that turning on/off the all lights scene does not register any lights as on/off at the ISY but doing a query updates scene and all switches to correct state. Turned on event viewer at level 3 and it shows no activity when all lights scene is turned on/off. Also turning off a single switch for single control light in same room does noy register with ISY.


Other than showing incorrect status not a big deal since nothing is controlled by their state. However, what should I do to diagonse and then correct. The switches all instantly respond to all switches scene command but none of them update isy and yet I can query them.

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When a button/paddle press does not register in the event viewer at LEVEL 3 either there is a comm problem between the device location and the PLM or there are link records missing/corrupted. A Show Device Links Table for the device followed by a Compare after Show display completes will provide a picture of the device link database and whether there are device link record problems. A Restore Device should resolve device link database problems.


There can be PLM link records missing/corrupted that have the same effect. If the PLM link database has become full it cannot accept new Scene link records. The PLM link database can accumulate duplicate and no longer needed link records contributing to the total number of link records in the PLM. A Restore Modem (PLM) will remove duplicates and rebuild the PLM link database.


If restoring device and PLM link records does not resolve (assuming the total PLM link records does exceed its capacity) then comm problems would be next thing to look at.

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Not really. I have seen one or two devices lose a link database over a period of years when there have been unusual power outage sequences. Folks do get in trouble if Set button links are done for testing or diagnostic purposes. If it happens consistently I would suspect a device is beginning to fail.

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