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Keypad Linc


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I am new to this forum.


I simply want one of the keypadlinc buttons upstairs to shut off lights in the basement (controlled locally via 3 Switchlinc dimmers that each control overhead can lights). I would also like the same keypad button to light up when any of the three lights is the basement is on (at any level above 0%). Therefore I know when any of the lights are on in the basement. The keypadlinc button does not need to provide any light "on" features...just off.


Can someone help with this configuration...once I master this I believe I will be off and running with future programs.


Should I set up the keypadlink button scene directly from the kepad linc (locally) or through the isy?


Thank you

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This Program turns KeypadLinc button H Off when all three SwitchLincs are Off. If any of the SwitchLincs are not Off KeypadLinc button H is turned On. The Program is using a Scene to turn KeypadLinc button H On and Off as Secondary KeypadLinc buttons cannot be controlled directly, they must be controlled with a Scene.


SceneButtonH is an ISY Scene with KeypadLinc button H assigned as a Responder.


       Status  'SW1' is Off
   And Status  'SW2' is Off
   And Status  'SW3' is Off

       Set Scene 'SceneButtonH' Off

       Set Scene 'SceneButtonH' On

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No Program needed for that. Define an ISY Scene that has SW1, SW2, SW3 as Responders and the KeypadLinc button as Controller. Set the KeypadLinc button to non-toggle Off mode. Any time the KeypadLinc button is pressed the three SwitchLincs will turn Off.

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