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Command String Issue with Program


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Am having trouble getting a program to run correctly. I want to get an e-mail/text when humidity level in house reaches a certain percentage.


My program:

IF status Venstar T-1800 is 62% humitiy

THEN send notification to jam



Only problem with the above is that the e-mails/text keep coming. How can I just get one alert only and stop the repeating? Thanks

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If the email is repeating it is likely the result of the humidity changing slightly above or below 62%, coming back to 62%. Not uncommon trait of these thermostats. What is the objective of the humidity check?


An Integer variable can be set to a value of 1 when the email is sent. A test of the variable value being 0 is Anded with the Humidity check preventing further emails after one is sent. Another Program checks if Humidity is below 58% or above 66% and resets the variable to 0 so that further emails will be sent if humidity returns to 62%. What resets the variable back to 0 depends on the requirement.

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