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Freezer Timer


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Now that I am past my notification problem, I want to get back to my original project.


I am setting up an I/O linc and an Auber PID to help report a rising temperature condition inside our freezer to the ISY.


The PID closes a set of contacts any time the temperature rises above 20 degrees F.


I've connnected the PID contacts to an I/O Linc. I want the ISY to send me an email when the temperature in the freezer is above 20 degrees F (Closed contacts) for 10 minutes or more.


I'm not sure how to tell the ISY to recognize the change in condition, and wait 10 minutes before checking again and then reacting if the conditions are still met.


I did some searching for some examples, but I'm not sure of the terminology, so I'm not sure what to search for. Nothing seemed to fit this example. Can anyone point to another post with similar goals? Or, provide some samples?


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.



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I made the assumption the I/O Linc Sensor is On when the temperature reaches 20 degrees. If the Sensor remains On for the full 10 minutes an email is sent. If the Sensor turns Off before the Wait 10 minutes completes the Program is triggered due to the change in Status to Off. The If is now False so the Else runs taking no action. The next time the temperature reaches 20 degrees the Sensor turns On and the Wait 10 minutes starts again.


If Status ‘IOLinc – Sensor’ is On


Wait 10 minutes



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