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Support for Bluetooth and StickynFind and Meterplug


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Poking around Cacoontech forums tonight, a near and dear subject of mine came up about car detecting.


A few posts mentioned StickNfind as an option to put on your car, and that got me off to their site where I am sure thinking it would be nice to put a couple of those on my keys and phone (I could find my phone with my tablet).






But what REALLY caught my eye was the Bluetooth Meter plug. It can turn a device on or off, and monitors the power. It also seems, it can handle 240 volt metering as well, which would be kick *** for the water heater!



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Hi arw01,


Quite interesting ... does your RPi have a Bluetooth radio?


With kind regards,



Built in they do not, but I've read a usb bluetooth dongle is common.


On the meter plug side, I doubt it could handle the current of a water heater, but it was a nice dream to be able to easily monitor one directly.


Michael, on the zwave power monitor devices, are we limited to just one of those type devices, or will they just be nodes and we could buy 2 or more for specific loads to monitor? E.g. heat pump and water heaters, etc.

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