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Add support for Smartlinc 2412N and the new Hub as PLM

Winter Dragoness

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Smarthome has added a hidden port 9761 to both the Smartlinc and their new Hub device. This port can be used to send and receive raw PLM commands identical to what is sent through the serial/USB PowerLinc. It's so identical that some people have used a virtual serial driver on their computer to redirect serial traffic to port 9761 on the Smartlinc in order to get software like MisterHouse or HouseLinc to think the Smartlinc is a PowerLinc.


The latest Beta version of Smarthome's HouseLinc software supports using the Smartlinc or Hub as their "interface device" instead of using a PowerLinc, and I've tested that it works. Since the 9761 port seems to be a feature they're now officially supporting with their own software and with their latest two network-enabled hardware control devices (Smartlinc and Hub), it would make a lot of sense if the ISY could be updated to use a Smartlinc or Hub instead of a PowerLinc. That would allow users who already own a Smartlinc/Hub but decided they wanted the additional power of the ISY to save paying $75 for a PowerLinc, lowering the bar for attracting new ISY users.

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Hello cdragon,


Thanks so very much for the suggestion. We did have this discussion with SmartHome a while back and decided against supporting this configuration for two reasons:

1. In this configuration, INSTEON communications is no longer standalone; it now depends on an Ethernet Hub and a another network device

2. We are not familiar with the Hub, its reliability, it's bugs/problems and thus venturing into unknown territories which might exponentially increase our support cases and thus increase our cost of operation


With kind regards,


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