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Humidity control for Venstar thermostats


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I have 2 Venstar thermostats, both with humidity modules, and both control systems with steam humidifiers. I like to keep the humidity in my house rather high (35% or so) during the winter. However, if the the temperature outside drops below 25 degrees, I have to dial that back to 25% or less to avoid sweating of the windows and walls. This would be perfect job for my home automation system. But, alas, the ISY994i and/or Venstar does not support setting humidity presets. Any chance of adding this to the Venstar thermostat support?

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I was kind of afraid of that, because I was pretty sure I had seen the request before, although I couldn't find it or the response through search.


The rest of my problems are around Insteon signal stability and quality. The one thing I would say about the 99i (don't have the 994i upgrade installed yet) is that it could have some better signaling diagnostic tools, like listing signal strength, failures, hops, routes, and other diagnostic data from devices. Again, I am sure you are limited to whatever APIs that the PLM expose in this regard. But it does seem that the HouseLinc software offers some of this. Perhaps this document would be a good starting point: http://www.insteon.com/PDF/HouseLinc-Ne ... ostics.pdf.

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