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LSG LED Bulb Recall

Brian H

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Lighting Science Group has started a recall on some of their LED light bulbs.

They where made for a few brands. Including their Definity, Sylvania, Westinghouse and the Home Depot Ecosmart line.

http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2013/LED ... nce-Group/

http://www.sylvania.com/en-us/about/leg ... ducts.aspx


http://www.lsgc.com/wp-content/uploads/ ... AL-PDF.pdf


Found this today. Not 100% sure this Sylvania Bulb is on the list. Though it does look like my EcoSmart one that is on the list.



Tear down of the Ecosmart version of the bulb.

http://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/le ... -s-inside-

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Thanks for posting this info. I just finished going through all of my LED bulbs checking to see if I had any of the recalled units. 90% of my bulbs are the Home Depot EcoSmart but most are newer than the recalled ones. I did find 2 eligible bulbs to send back and replaced those with new ones.



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Received two replacement bulbs this afternoon.

Hope to test them tomorrow.

New ones are from their Mexican assembly plant not China.

Old ones boxed up and used the prepaid label I got in an email.

May drop at the UPS Store tomorrow.

New ones are their Definity brand. Same as the OEM EcoSmart from Home Depot.

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Ran my replacement bulbs for eight hours and then did some tests today.

Although the original Ecosmart ECS19WW120 and the replacement Definity DFN19WW120, look physically the same.

They are different.


When dimmed to a low level. You can see multiple small LEDs in the new bulb while the old one had two large arrays.


New one says 75mA and 8 watts on the bulb. I believe the older one used more power.

Kill-A-Watt Meter. Read 60mA, 6 watts and a PF of 0.95.


Worked OK with a 2456D3 Lamplinc, 2476D SwitchLinc Dimmer, three different hardware versions of an X10 LM465 Lamp Module,

Home Settings HA03 ZWave Lamp Module.

As expected Did not work with a X10 WS12A two wire dimmer.

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