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Summary Programs Tab - Show Folder Status

Mike Ippolito

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What ISY level are you running based on Help | About for Firmware and UI levels?


Beta 4.0.3 shows Folders with True/False Status on the Summary page.



Is that what the white + symbol is? It doesn't seem to change on my changing the if statement below.


Folder Conditions for 'Heating Programs'
Add conditions to limit when programs in this folder are allowed to run.

       Module 'Climate' Temperature Low < 39 °F

  Allow the programs in this folder to run.


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Just as the If Condition(s) have to trigger a Program to affect True/False Status, the If Condition(s) for a Folder have to cause the Folder to trigger to change its True/False Status. Simply changing the Folder or Program If section does not cause either to be triggered. The Condition the Program or Folder is checking has to occur/change. You also have to Save the Folder change. I think the "changed" indicator is what you are referring to. Click Save Changes, then create the Condition that triggers the Folder.


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