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Unfortunately yes, another motion sensor thread-Alternatives


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I'm a new user who just picked up a ISY994i yesterday, but I was consumed with X10 in the 90's so I've done some automation a long time ago.


I've searched a lot of threads looking for input on the Insteon MS devices regarding the false positives I'm getting and am thinking I may need to go with another device...so I was hoping to get some input.


I have two 2842-222 devices that are linked and are triggering programs. A little after sunset I have outdoor lights going on at 50% via 2 separate dimmer wall switches. If motion is detected then the lights go on full (assuming time is between sunset and sunrise). Right now I'm using the 'off' message to then return lights back to 50% (if during evening hours).


I saw a thread where Lee suggested not using the 'off' command and instead use your own timer. So I'll play with the logic, but this isn't going to help with the bigger issue of what appears to be a weak motion sensor. I see there's the ability to turn down the sensitivity, but that's from a distance perspective and not necessarily heat signature. I'm seeing where wind and sunlight might easily trigger the sensors as well as I don't know what sometimes (a bird flying by?).


I don't want to throw in the towel just yet on this architecture, but the whole point of my project is to have an awareness via the motion sensors (I have 6 to deploy). I'll augment with other devices and logic, but right now everything centers on the accuracy of these sensors.


I found a thread regarding using other PIRs and connecting to the I/O linc. Is this where I'm going to need to go with this?


What has anyone done for increase reliability and confidence? I'm not using this as a primary alarm system (already have that), but it's meant to augment the alarm and soon to be deployed cameras.


All input appreciated...TIA.

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Do not have trees, water, street traffic in Motion Sensor field of view. It may be necessary to aim the Motion Sensor lower so that these items are not in the field of view. Motion Sensors on the back of the house (not Insteon motion sensors) trip when wind generates chop on the lake surface. There are security oriented motion sensors which seem to be less sensitive to false trips but they are more expensive and do not directly connect with Insteon network.

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Thanks for the response Lee and you're spot on regarding the tree part in that yesterday it was windy and I watched as shrubs against the house were getting whipped around a bit...and they're directly in the field of view of the sensor.


To your point about the more expensive sensors, yes, this was what I was thinking I'd have to do and then integrate with something like the i/o linc or some other device.


Interestingly, the MS just sent an alert when my rear flood lights came on as planned just after sunset, so I'll need to delay the MS time frame to be sunset + X so it won't be able to alert until a min or 2 after the perimeter lights come on. I can see I also need to do some additional tuning.

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I had ideas of using the type of MS that is connected to the security system which as interior mounted units never false. Had planned to connect to something like an EZIO2X4 that has four inputs so I could know which of the four sides of the house tripped externally. Was a nice idea until I realized that deer walk around here all the time. They just love the flowers my neighbors on both sides plant every year.


Changed to driveway monitors that are buried Dakota Alert magnetic sensors. Does not cover human traffic walking round but better than all the false trips from the 4 legged creatures. Now the floods just come on and I don't track the activity inside.

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