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Swapping a 6-Button Switch with 6-Button Dimmer


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Just like the title says, I accidentaly bought a 6 button switch and I wanted the dimmer version. I have bought the dimmer version now and would like to swap the two out. Outside of the wiring the new keypad what steps do I need to make to remove/replace my old keypad? It is currently acting as my control to a fanlinc. If possible I would like to not have to redo the scenes, but I understand if I do. thanks for the help guys

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The ISY Replace xxxx With function requires the old and new device be the same basic type. A Dimmer cannot be replaced with a Relay and a Relay cannot be replaced with a Dimmer.


There is no easy process available. Delete the old device and add the new device. Then add the new device to Scenes and Programs as necessary.

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