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RS-232 to IP recommendations


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I have an Ademco Vista-20P that I would like to interface to my ISY using the NuTech AD2SERIAL (this is the RS-232 version, not the USB version) ((http://www.nutech.com/online-store/1635.html))


I would like to use a serial to IP converter to allow access from the ISY. I have found the following three options:

ELK IP232: http://www.elkproducts.com/product-cata ... -converter

Global Cache iTach TCP/IP to Serial: http://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2sl-pspecs/

Autelis: http://www.autelis.com/universal-rs232- ... e-isy.html


Does anyone have experience with any of these three devices and can either recommend or advise avoiding?


Or even better, does anyone have experience with my desired configuration:

Ademco Vista <--> AD2SERIAL <--> (one of the above or other) <--> ISY


I plan to use the network module on my ISY to communicate with ELK/iTach/Autelis/other device.




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The IP232 is a very nice serial server (pricey but nice).

The iTach is good as well, never tried the Autelis.


Once Eyez-On release the TPI for the Honeywell firmware, I'll be adding support for Honeywell alarms to DSCLink.




The network module will give you minimal functionality since you can only send commands to the alarm (not receive).

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Hi io_guy,


Thanks for the feedback I had not heard of the Eyez-On device. I will check it out.


Regarding receiving info from the alarm system, at least with the Autelis device, the documentation indicates that it is possible. But it does appear to be a little cumbersome: "Rules are applied to all incoming serial port data and allow you to match patterns and send the results to ISY variables" ( http://www.autelis.com/wiki/index.php?t ... ce_for_ISY ) This may be good enough for my application.


Any idea of when the Honeywell TPI would be released by Eyez-On?




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Autelis has been rock solid for me. Got good help from them to get started and they modified their firmware twice to add stuff I wanted.


I also use a free s/w serial server from Piracom to feed my DSC comm to DSCLink. I do end up with an occasional missed event ( door open doesn't trigger program as it should) but I haven't figured out where the problem actually lies. The thing is it's free so you can just download it to see if it works for you.



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