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Intermittent LED Flickering


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I recently installed a series Insteon SwitchLinc 2-Wire Dimmers (2474) and all of my lights work except for my LED's. I have 4 LED's on the same switch over my breakfast bar and they intermittently turn on and off individually as well as flicker. I tried 2 different switches and a factory reset to make sure they were not linked together strangely. I am looking for help diagnosing this problem and resolving it as this problem did not exist with the Lutron switch I previously had wired up.


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If the Lutron uses a Neutral power wire along with Line and Load.

You could get a standard SwitchLinc Dimmer that does not steal power through the load.


You maybe able to add one standard incandescent bulb load in with the LED loads to provide the needed power. Just be aware it may not work correctly. It sometimes works with X10 two wire switches but I have never tested with a two wire Switchlinc Dimmer.


Another option. Rewire the original switch loop to provide Line and Neutral to the switches electrical box.

Install a three wire Switchlinc Dimmer and cap off the Load.

InlineLinc Dimmer in the LED fixture and link it to the Switchlinc Dimmer to control it.

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