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Unable to add new switch

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I'm replacing old 2476S switch with new 2-wire SwitchLinc 2474DWH., v 6.0

I'm not able to add with error stating "Cant determine Insteon engine". New switch is RF only . I even moved the DualBand access point to within few feet. I tried to power cycle ISY and PLM( v99) , move PLM to another outlet. PLM is within 12ft from the switch. I tried adding "new insteon device" or "Start Linking" mode. Start Linking does not do anything and shows strange error in the log.

My ISY 994i is on 3.3.10. Old switch communicated just fine - I just need 2 wire switch in this place.


Communication log below:

Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:07 PM : [21 13 DD ] Added to list of devices to link to ISY


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:07 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 21 13 DD 0F 0D 00


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:07 PM : [iNST-ACK ] 02 62 21.13.DD 0F 0D 00 06 (00)


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:16 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 21 13 DD 0F 0D 00


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:16 PM : [iNST-ACK ] 02 62 21.13.DD 0F 0D 00 06 (00)


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:25 PM : [iNST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 21 13 DD 0F 0D 00


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:25 PM : [iNST-ACK ] 02 62 21.13.DD 0F 0D 00 06 (00)


Tue 06/04/2013 06:03:29 PM : [21 13 DD 0 ] Failed to add device


Tue 06/04/2013 06:04:37 PM : Start Insteon Device Linking Mode


Tue 06/04/2013 06:04:37 PM : [LNK-BGN ] 02 64 01 00 06


Tue 06/04/2013 06:05:06 PM : Stop Insteon Device Linking Mode, Final processing to follow


Tue 06/04/2013 06:05:06 PM : [LNK-END ] 02 65 06 : : Unexpected, ignored (65)


Please advise if this switch is supported in this version or any troubleshooting hints

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That is a very strange change from a Relay device which requires Line/Neutral/Load connection with a 2-wire device which requires only two wires and an incandescent load to steal power from.


What is the Load and how is the 2-wire dimmer wired? The 2-wire dimmer is RF only because it cannot use the powerline as conventional Insteon device do.

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I had to do the change due to some wiring rearrangement. I noted that new switch is RF only device. It still should be able to communicate with closest Access point and many other Dualband devices in my setup.

In my logs for communication with other devices "Hops Left=2" pretty consistently.

It is fairly new device in Insteon lineup and want to make sure that current ISY version supports it. Any pointers to troubleshoot this issue are appreciated.


UPDATE: Pulled airgap and after resetting switch ISY found it right away. Now I have another issue. Since old switch was a relay and new is a dimmer I can't use Replace feature. It sucks. Smarthome I think does not make 2-wire relay switch yet.

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Perhaps it is just a numbering problem. A 2476S is a SwitchLinc Relay (not a dimmer) which requires all three Line/Neutral/Load connections.


The 2474D is a 2-wire Dimmer which uses Line/Load connections only stealing power through an Incandescent load ONLY.


The ISY supports the 2474D 2-wire Dimmer. As far as the ISY is concerned it is just another SwitchLinc Dimmer.


The Event trace shows device 21 13 DD did not respond to any command activity. Just as though the device is not wired correctly or is totally outside the range of the ISY PLM. With the conflict between a 2476S Relay device which requires all three connections, Line/Neutral/Load and a 2474D which is used where the junction box has only two wires, Line and Load, it would appear from the outside looking in that the 2474D is being used where the wiring does not support it. Even if the old switch is a 2476D Dimmer it uses all three Line/Neutral/Load connections that does not support the use of a 2-wire 2474D.


What type of Load is connected to the new 2-wire 2474D. This device must be connected to an Incandescent load ONLY as the 2-wire device steals power through the Incandescent load.


You are correct that a 2-wire Relay does not exist. That type of device could be driving a CFL, LED, etc from which it cannot draw power which is a 2-wire device requirement.

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The 2474D should work in a location. Where there is a Line, Neutral and Load. Just leave any Neutrals in the box spliced together and use the Line and Load wires to the 2474D.

Though as pointed out. Load must be incandescent and with in range of a Dual Band Devices RF signals.

Metal electrical boxes can make RF distances very short or directional.

If memory serves me the 2474Ds antenna is on the back of the unit. As deep into an electrical box as you can get.

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