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2420M Motion sensor inconsistent behavior


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Hi folks,


Short question: Should a 2420M motion sensor update its Current State in the ISY console to OFF even when configured to only send ON commands? I have two sensors configured identically and both behave differently. One updates state, the other does not. I can not figure out why.



Long question: I am using a pair of 2420M sensors to control the lights on my stairs. One sensor is at the top and another at the bottom. I have two 2477D dimmers controlling the lights, again one at the top and one at the bottom. Only one is actually connected to the lighting load. The other is just a controller. The idea is to turn the lights on when the staircase is approached from either direction, then back off once motion has timed out for both sensors.


I have two scenes:


1. A "Stairs" scene with both switches as controllers. This keeps the switches in sync when the lights are manually controlled. This works fine.


2. A "Stairs (control)" scene with both motion sensors as controllers and both switches as responders. These turn the lights on just fine. I am directly controlling the lights with the sensors to make response faster vs. doing it programatically.


Turning the lights off is my problem. I only want them to go off after neither sensor has detected motion. I've configured both sensors to time-out after 30 seconds and to only send ON commands. I then use a program that checks the status of both sensors, and if they're both off, it turns the lights off.


One of my sensors works just fine in this regard. After 30 seconds have passed, its state changes to OFF. It does not send the OFF command and the lights do not turn off, but it does update its Current State in the ISY console.


The other sensor behaves differently. Once tripped, its state remains ON, never changing to OFF. It is configured identically to the first sensor.


Any ideas?


Thank you for your time.

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“Should a 2420M motion sensor update its Current State in the ISY console to OFF even when configured to only send ON commands?â€




“After 30 seconds have passed, its state changes to OFF.â€


The only way this can happen is for the motion sensor to send an Off command.

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As further confirmation of LeeG's response, I just tried manually sending OFF command to a motion sensor. Can't do it. I created a test program to send an OFF command to a sensor. Did not work.


I cannot think of a way to have a sensor go from ON to OFF other than having the sensor send this command.

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Thank you for your replies. I assumed the sensor that was staying ON was the problem and concentrated my effort on that one. After I read your replies, I went back and double-checked the other and found jumper 5 was not in place. No wonder it wasn't working the way I expected.


I'll change my program logic to set a timer after either sensor sends an ON command, instead of looking for an OFF sensor status.


Thank you again.

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