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configuring a-d keypadlinc button


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I have a 6 button keyap linc button installed. The on and off button work perfect, but I am trying to configure the A button to control a appliance linc that controls pool lights. I would like for the button to turn it on and off as well as display status and for isy to show everything and work accordingly.

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Some should be as easy as defining a Scene with KeypadLinc button A as Controller and the ApplianceLinc as Responder.


What will not work is manually controlling the ApplianceLinc locally. The ApplianceLinc is a Responder Only device so turning the ApplianceLinc on locally is not reflected back to the ISY nor to the KeypadLinc.


Also if a Program turns On the ApplianceLinc it needs to turn On the Scene with the KeypadLinc button and the ApplianceLinc. Turning On the ApplianceLinc directly with a Program will not be reflected in the KeypadLinc button.

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I have a scene pool lighs. I drag the "A" button down to the scene and make it a controller. If I go to the keypad it turns on the lights. If I go to the app on my phone and turn on pool lights the keypad button doesnt light. Did I miss a step

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