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Two motion detectors controlling one scene


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When adding the motion detectors I followed the instructions on the prompts and put them in linking mode when adding them to the scene. The problem is that making a device a controller also makes it a responder. Each motion detector was then a responder to the other. When one detected motion the led would blink rapidly indicating a response was not received. It took a while but I finally figured out that it was the other motion detector that was not responding. My solution is to NOT put the motion detectors in linking mode. There will be warnings that the other motion detector did not respond. Ignore theme! When the system is done updating the icons for the motion detectors will show either a red exclamation point or a green "update needed" symbol. A short press on the motion detector set button will wake it up and a red exclamation point will turn to a green "update needed" symbol. To update the device quickly press the set button to wake it up and do right click on the device in the administrator console and select "Wright Updates to Device". It may take several iterations to clear all the issues but when done the motions detectors will be controllers of the scene but responders to nothing.

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What level ISY firmware is in use?


I created the situation you describe and neither Motion Sensor has a Responder link record. Neither Motion Sensor would be reacting to the others motion message. Also neither Motion Sensor LED blinks when motion is sensed.






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FWK, LeeG is correct. I've done this more than once with no issues. (If the LED blinks fast it is normally a comm issue with the PLM in my experience.)


I've more or less moved most of my motion sensors to programs, but I still have a bathroom with two scene-linked MSen (one inside the shower) and it works fine.

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I am running V4.0.5. No matter what I do when I add a motion sensor to a scene the motion detector is add as a responder to the scene. When there are two motion detectors in the scene each both sensors are responders to the scene therefore, when the scene is activated by one of the sensors the other sensor is expected to respond but it is sleeping. My solution for now is to have two scenes for the lights, each one having one of the sensors.

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What does the right side of the node display indicate for device type?


It sounds like the ISY does not understand it is a motion sensor.


What does Help | About show for Firmware and UI lines?


I created the Scene on 4.0.5 and did not get the motion sensor as a responder. That suggests an issue with the level of the UI or the type of device.

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