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What version KPL's are obsolete?

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I'm not sure if this question should be for SH or ISY but here it goes.

What version KPL's should not be used with the ISY99?

Throughout the past months I've read a lot of problems with one version or another.

I have KPL's version 1.4 that run in X10 mode. I want to purchase an ISY99 and finally convert fully to Insteon.


Do I need to replace my KPL's to better communicate with the ISY?

What will not work with v1.4 KPL's if I were to keep them?



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If you are using KeypadLinc V2's (the INSTEON KPL), then version 1.4 will work just fine with ISY. Newer versions have some slight improvements, such as using the load button in a scene controlled by a secondary button, and adjustable brightness. But unless you specifically require one of the new abilities, there is no reason to replace your KPLs.


If you are using non-INSTEON KPL's (X-10 only), they will still function fine with ISY in X-10 mode, but you would need to replace them if you wanted to convert to INSTEON.


Hope that helps.

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