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Can't add a 2843-222

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Having some odd issues in trying to get my ISY99i to add a new Open/Close trigger (2843-222), rev 1.9.


When I try to log into the web GUI and do Link Management (automated search or manual entry of device address), it fails to find the device.


Upon diving in to the Diagnostics (Event Viewer), I get the following info:


Start Insteon Device Linking Mode

[LNK-BGN] 02 64 01 00 06

Stop Insteon Device Linking Mode, Final processing to follow

[LNK-END] 02 65 06 : : Unexpected, ignored (65)


I am guessing this is probably not a good thing but I am stumped as to how to resolve it.


Firmware is 3.3.10 on the ISY99i.


49 entries in the PLM Link table including the Open/Close trigger (code is 10 02 40, address 23.3D.DE, rev 1.9)

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The Start Linking process cannot be used to add the battery powered RF only 2843-222 Wireless Open/Close Sensor (TriggerLinc).


Use New INSTEON Device. Put the device into linking mode by pressing it's Set button until the LED blinks continuously. Then click Ok on New INSTEON Device.


The Wiki has the detail information


http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index ... igger_Link

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