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XBMC with a pi


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Hi Tim-


I have not yet tried but have been considering picking up a second Pi for such things. Do let us know how you make out with it if you do pursue it.



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Thanks wrj0. Your suggestion along with info I found looking around indicated OpenElec was more responsive than the other options. So I downloaded the image and installed it. I have to say that was the easiest program I have ever installed and set up on the pi. After booting it up EpenElec configured itself on the pi. All I had to do was point it to the server and away it went. I ordered a WMC remote and IR sensor on eBay for $16 plugged the sensor in booted it and the remote worked right away. Pretty slick.


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to really play with it or watch a lot of shows but from what I can see this is a pretty good option, certainly a lot cheaper than the different Popcornhour models, but then it doesn’t have the performance of a pch either but it is definitely worth looking at.



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