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MyQ Garage Door Question


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First, I am a newbie so please give me a little leeway-


I have a Chamberlain MyQ garage door system and was trying to think of a way to integrate it into my isy.


I was thinking if there was a way to find out what the signals it sends to the cloud, the isy could monitor it with the resource monitor and then send me notifications. I know you can use Firefox to capture what is being sent but with the MyQ there is no internet address to use on the computer, it is all done by iPhone. Is there a way to capture wireless signals?


My thinking was if it could be done then when I am using Mobilinc's geofence it could let me know if the garage is opened when I am away or if I forget to close it when leaving. I could then use the MyQ program to close it.


Am I way off on this thinking?

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