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EZIO2X4 Weirdness


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Hi All,

I recently noticed that I was not receiving notifications from my ISY that should have been initiated by an EZIO2X4 that I have had installed for at least a couple of years. This unit has been working reliably for that period of time. Also the EZIO2X4 was not always initiating some output relay actions on a reliable basis. As well I would occasionally receive , in the Admin console, a message from the ISY stating that it could not communicate with the EZIO2X4.


So, long story short, I swapped out the suspect EZIO2X4 with another known good EZIO2X4 and everything worked. I then did a factory reset on the bad EZIO2X4 and attempted to restore it from the ISY. I could not restore it when it was installed in its normal location (on the far side of the house from the ISY). Watching the Event Viewer the ISY would prepare the EZIO2X4 for restoration and then stop. I then moved the EZIO2X4 closer to the ISY...same room but different house circuit. The Event Viewer would show more events happening but the restoration would not complete and I would ultimately get a message saying that the ISY could not communicate with the EZIO2X4. Finally I plugged in the EZIO2X4 into the same power bar as the ISY PLM. The restoration did work to completion then. I subsequently reinstalled the EZIO2X4 in its normal location, tested all the functions and everything is working OK.


Any thoughts on what would cause this behaviour? Am I seeing the beginning of a "soft" failure of the EZIO2X4?


I must admit that we had a very brief ( <1 second) power failure a couple of weeks ago which may have been coincidental with the weirdness starting. I did have, at that time, a 2477D which started acting weirdly but I was able to factory reset it and restore it from the ISY without any problem. I have about 40 other Insteon devices installed which did not seem to be affected by the power hit.


Any comments?



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