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Updating scenes


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Sorry as I'm sure this has been cover elsewhere; but I can't find it.


I have a simple scene with a few dimmers and lamplincs. I added a KPL button B as the controller. Then I went into the scene and tried to change some on levels. However, Pressing B seems to return to the previous on levels.


If I remove and re-add B to the scene, it works. But is this really necessary? Is their some easier way to update the controller?

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Click on the Red KPL button node name listed below the Scene name. Set the device levels as desired. In Insteon each Controller has a unique set of Responder values. Clicking the Scene name displays the Responder values when the Scene name (PLM is Controller) is used in a Program or from the Admin Console. Clicking the Red KPL button node name exposes the Responder values for the KPL button when the KPL button is pressed.

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