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How does X10 work?


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I have an ISY994i/IR Pro connected to a 2412S PLM v.92 (I think). I created a program that sends an X10 signal to an X10 module. I can't get this program to work no matter where I plug in the X10 module. Am I missing something from this setup that I need to get X10 to work?


I ask because I am thinking about replacing ApplianceLincs with X10 Appliance Modules in my holiday lighting scenes to avoid leakage of current which causes the LED lights to glow even when the devices are off.

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Kingwr, have you taken a look at the new on/off modules


http://www.smarthome.com/2635-222/INSTE ... ule/p.aspx


These don't have the current leakage issue that the appliance modules have and they're dual band. They just started shipping them last week.

I looked at them, and the info said they have local on/off just like the ApplianceLincs. I just assumed they would have the same current leakage problems. Plus $50 a shot to replace my $40 ApplianceLinc modules -- again may be throwing good money after bad. Maybe if I could get $25 a piece back for the ApplianceLincs.

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If they have Local Control Sensing. Then there would be some small sensing current on the output.

If they have a Snubber network across the relay contacts like the later ApplianceLincs do. That Snubber network also allows a small current to flow through the output when Off.

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Have you had a chance to tested one yet.

Until I actually read of a users tests. We actually don't know if there is any small current on the output.

If it has a snubber on the relay contacts. You will get some leakage current on the output.

My newer ApplianceLincs are worse than the old ones. Where they had removed the snubber. Due to them flaming out when the snubber shorted.


I am no longer being a first production run tester. Let others sort it out before I commit to any new Insteon products.

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I have several of the new on/off modules. I just tested one using an led bulb that draws 1.7 watts. There was no indication of any voltage going to the bulb when the module was switched off. I think the new modules are using a relay rather than a solid state device to control the output.

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Thanks for the hands on findings.

I know in the later ApplianceLinc. Smartlabs had a resistor capacitor snubber across the relay contacts. To protect the contacts. When the relay was off. There was a small current through the snubber that was on the output connector. When the relay was off.

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