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Device state issues with ISY994i Pro/2413S PLM


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I have a large Insteon setup in my home (75+ devices) including SwitchLinc, KPL, TriggerLinc, IOLinc, ELK M1Gold. I have an ISY994i Pro with 2413S PLM. I am running 4.1 beta on my ISY (issues existed with current production release as well)


I programmed a number of devices locally to allow one switch to control another, etc... When I installed the ISY994, I further refined my setup by creating 2 way links between devices (as controllers) to maintain accurate state on each switch.


My issue is that neither my ISY Admin console or MobiLinc HD do not at all show the correct state for any of my devices. I know that you don't support MobiLinc, but was wondering if I have some issue with the locallinks vs. the ISY links. I am running the latest version of everything and did an "Update all" a number of times, reset the PLM, but no luck. I also have a hard wired phase coupler in my breaker panel, so I don't think my issue is with communications?


I did replaced the PLM (not sure if I tried a restore PLM or delete PLM & then ADD PLM). I am using a 2413S PLM.


I want to correct my issues, but would prefer not to walk around to each switch and do a reset.


Is there any way to delete the local programming, but maintain the ISY configuration?

Is there any advantage I have by keeping local links (beyond devices still working if my ISY is offline)?

What procedure should I follow to do this the easiest way?

Not sure what order to do things in and trying at all costs to not have to manually reset every device.


Can the ISY delete local links not done through it's interface?


Any help would be appreciated.

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ISY won't know about the local links. I believe it is recommended when you add devices to ISY that you delete any existing links, and manage them just through the ISY.


You can factory reset the device (see each devices manual), then do a "Restore Device" to program in exactly what the ISY thinks should be there.


Then you can re-create any scenes/links that were wiped out.


The plus side of this is, it's extremely easy to replace a device if needed. ISY maintains everything, and you can replace it with a few clicks.

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Execute Show PLM Links Table and Count the link records. If a Delete Modem (PLM) was issued the link counts will be low to zero. The Delete Modem (PLM) removes the link records from the devices that are required for the ISY to receive state change messages. If these links were deleted from the devices there were also deleted from the ISY information. The recovery from this action is to restore an ISY Backup that was taken before the Delete Modem (PLM) and issue a File | Restore Devices. If no backup is available the devices have to be deleted and added back. This should be done with 'erase existing links' option and all linking done with ISY Scenes. Devices that are cross-linked this was work whether the ISY is functional or not.

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