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cant get 4.0.5 to configure/send email


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Just configuring my ISY 994i. I'm a software dev, and general techie, so I know my way around mail protocols (including SMTP) and firewalls.


I've triple checked the settings I tried adding to the ISY, but it always fails saying it can't contact the mail server after I save the settings, then click "Test". I have two different email clients inside my firewall with the same settings (hostname, port, username, password, and SSL/Start TLS - though I think they run pure SSL) and they have no problems. I also tried disabling TLS for a test, and that didn't work either.


Is there any detailed logging I can look at? I can't believe everything else is working well except email.


I'm using my comcast.net server/account, and it's just not working.




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Make sure message has both Subject and Body. Either being empty will stop the email.

Where would I set that up? I'm just trying to setup email, and when I click Test, it says:

"Mail Server Failure -- Server not responding"


I have to setup a custom email just to test the email server connection?


I do see this in the "Error Log" around the time I clicked Test:

Sat 2013/11/30 07:22:33 PM	System	-50001	-6

But that doesn't really tell me too much. Is there a reference manual to look that up in?

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