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Query Insteon Thermostat (2441TH) for current temperature...


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I have the 2441TH controlling our AC/Heat.

I have a 2441ZTH in the baby's room.


I would like to set a program such that when the difference between these two readings >3C then adjust the temperature on the 2441TH (Master).


I cannot find a way to store the current temperature in a variable.


Current Thoughts:

Variable: $HVAC_CurrentTemp


Program: HVAC_TempChanged

If 2441TH temp changes, $HVAC_CurrentTemp = 2441Temp

Run Program HVAC_NarrowTempGap


Program: HVAC_NarrowTempGap

If 2441ZTH - HVAC_CurrentTemp > 3


2441TH + 1C

Wait 1 hour

Run HVAC_NarrowTempGap

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You can store the current temperature in a variable, but it takes 1 program per degree.


An example (storing the Cooling Setpoint):

       Status  'Thermostat- Main' <= 59° (Cool Setpoint)

       $Thermostat_Setpoint_Cooling_Integer  = 59
       $Thermostat_Setpoint_Cooling_Integer Init To 59
       $Thermostat_Setpoint_Cooling_State  = 59
       $Thermostat_Setpoint_Cooling_State Init To 59

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Replace the Cooling SP to Temperature.



Now you trying to close the gap is interesting... what exactly would that do? It implies you are trying to dynamically change the calibration so that the two agree within 3c.


In our house, we have the Fan toggle between Auto and On based on the different rooms being above or below the cooling setpoint. I think this is closer to what you are trying to do.

Program (Equalize)
            $Temperature_ChildRoom > $SP_Cooling
         Or $Temperature_ChildRoom < $SP_Heating
         Or $Temperature_Living_Room > $SP_Cooling
         Or $Temperature_Living_Room < $SP_Heating
         Or $Temperature_Office > $SP_Cooling
         Or $Temperature_Office < $SP_Heating
         Or $SP_Fan is 1
   And Status  'Thermostat- Main' is not Calling for Heat
   And Status  'Thermostat- Main' is not Calling for Cool

       Set 'Thermostat- Main' Fan On
       Wait  10 minutes 
       Run Program 'Equalize' (If)

       Set 'Thermostat- Main' Fan Auto
       Wait  10 minutes 
       Run Program 'Equalize' (If)


Instead you would compare the 2 thermostat temperatures and turn your fan on and off.

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