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Using SwitchLinc LED as an INSTEON Traffic Indicator


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There is a note about this in the Insteon SwitchLinc user manual, but it only says that "this feature can be enabled (and subsequently disabled) via compatible software packages"


Is there a way to turn on/off this mode of operation using the ISY994?


If not, is there some other "compatible software package" that can do this? The folks in the Smarthome forum say that HouseLinc can do this, is there some other program that can do it too?


Thanks in advance!


- Mike

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That feature is not supported under the ISY. It usually gets in the way for a SwitchLinc where the status LEDs are so visible. The ISY expects to be the only Application Controller so using HL to do that one specific device will have to be done before adding the device to the ISY.

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OK... what's really strange is that a couple of my 2-Wire SwitchLinc devices somehow managed to get into this mode all by themselves, after just turning on the switch manually. So really I just wanted to be able to turn this mode *off*, because like you said, it's really visible. I'm also somewhat curious what would cause this to happen in the first place... besides the simple fact that 2-Wire switches are by nature less reliable than switches that have a neutral connection.


Anyway, I was hoping there would be an easy way to do this without a factory reset. But unless someone else has any ideas, sounds like that's my only option...

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