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2412S vs 2413S and Upgrading to the 994iPro


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I have just ordered the ISY994i/IR PRO to upgrade my 99i/IR PRO. I have read lots of threads about things to watch out for and am ready to make the plunge. However, I have just one more question. I plan on retaining my 2412S, and not going to the dual band PLM. As I have multiple access points now, including one plugged right on top of the 2412S. And this has worked well for the last 5 years, (once I beat out all the noise and signal sucker issues).


Question: Are there any gotcha's I need to watch out for with this decision to retain the 2412S, or do I need to take the wallet hit and go with the 2413S and the new power supply?





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I faced same question and decided to update the PLM and use my old access points. So far, that decission has been a good one - upgrade went flawlessly, and system communications seem better overall than with the 99i and the old PLM.


See viewtopic.php?f=27&t=12008. Not a lot of substance to that discussion, but Xathros suggested that having a spare PLM on hand could prove helpful, as failures occur.

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