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Remotelinc doesnt trigger scene properly

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Hi Guys;


I have a simple scene that triggers correctly from a KPL button and from the ISY GUI


It doesn't turn on correctly from the remotelinc.


Specifically, The whole scene triggers from the RL except the load on the KPL.


But the LED on the KPL does light. The Load does not.

When triggered by the RL, the ISY GUI says the KPL load is 45%

but the light is not on.


I've written all the updates to the RL.


I just switched PLM but I don't think thats an issue.


I airgapped the KPL and I pulled a battery out of the RL and then put it back in hoping that would reset it.



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Click the Red RemoteLinc button below the Scene name and check the KPL Ramp Rate. With KPL button turning On the KPL got the On command. It sounds like it is taking minutes to ramp on.


This is the KPL Primary button that is turning On and not one of the Secondary buttons?

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The PLM is a Controller which you indicated works (works from the ISY GUI). The RemoteLinc sends several more Insteon messages compared to the PLM. I can see where the PLM and RemoteLinc would not work as the relationship between button E and button A are done with internal Exclusive Or relationship rather than link records but with the PLM working and the RemoteLinc not, that is unusual.


Have to think about this.

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