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Unable to Install 2441ZTH


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Thanks for the advice. I added the 5v AC adapter and was able to program the 2441ZTH into my ISY-994. Unfortunately I did not realize the external temp from the probe does not report back to admin console or iPhone/iPad apps. I have the external probe dropped inside our pool and was hoping to control the pool heater (220v Load Controller device) with the wireless 2441ZTH, but even though the external temp shows on the device screen (very, very small numbers at center top) I cannot create any program commands based on the external probe temp (water temp).


Am wondering if anyone has any ideas to accomplish the above with another Insteon device used in conjunction with my pool heater load controller and ISY-994. Currently I have the pool heater linked to an On/Off keypad inside the house allowing me to manually turn on/off or crete an hourly program, but was hoping I could do this all with a temp variable.

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