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iRule Universal Remote Control


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Are you trying to do this through the iRule ISY module?


If so, it is pretty easy.


Pull up the ISY by going to the IP address, and don't login to the admin console.


Then, go to devices, or programs, and note the ID by hovering your pointer over the program.


This will expose the actual code behind the program name in the bottom left corner of your browser.


This is the data you will want to enter into iRule.


Lastly, you will need to define a gateway on your tablet with the ip info of your ISY, along with username and password.


I am not sure if posting external links is allowed, but here is the link to their tutorial video.


http://www.iruleathome.com/support-cont ... videos#isy

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Thanks for replying to my question.


"This will expose the actual code behind the program name in the bottom left corner of your browser."


I got this far. That displays: ip address/WEB/INDEX.HTM#/programs_0014.

I can't find a way to display code.


I do have the iRule module, but can't see where in it I should enter the data.


I'm concerned I may not have been clear enough about what I'm trying to do... I'm trying to invoke and execute the program in the ISY. I don't want to reproduce an ISY program in the iRule module. The reason I have so many ISY programs (not scenes) is that I have a lot of x10 devices.

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This is how I was finally able to Control ISY Programs from iRule running on an iPhone:

Thanks to the Dish King for setting me on the right path.


1) This assumes the your ISY is running programs and the ISY gateway has been set up from the iRule app on your iPhone.

2) ISY programs are identified to the user by a Name assigned by the user when the program is set up. Each program has a unique 4-digit ID used within the ISY controller.

3) Find the 4 digit ID for each program you wish to invoke from iRule.

a) Find the IP address of your ISY. Look under the Configuration tab.

B) Key that IP address into a browser and the log in to your ISY.

c) Go to the page containing the list of Programs on the ISY.

d) Hover the cursor over the desired Program and note the 4-digit number in the window that popped up in the bottom left of the screen. That is the ID for that program.

4) ISY has published an API to enable third party devices to interact with the ISY. That API includes the command:


i) Runs a command for a single program

ii) Returns: Success or Error status

5) is the 4-digit ID and is the command to be executed, in this case “runThen†i.e run the ‘Then†option set up in the ISY program.


6) Now we must prepare a button in iRule that sends the command.

7) iRule sells a Device Module called ISY Module. You need to buy it.

8) In iBuilder click BROWSE and then key “ISY†under vendor.

9) Select and import “ISY Sample Commands†from the list returned.

10) Go to the DEVICES tab and open “ISY Sample Commands.â€

11) Open Network Codes (under ISY Sample Commands), right click on Network Codes, and select Add device code to open the relevant Properties window in the lower left of the screen.

12) Name the Device Code you are creating. I suggest using the Name used in the ISY.

13) Enter /rest/programs// in the data field, replacing with the appropriate 4-digit ID and with “runThen.â€

See http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index ... _Interface

for more details about REST commands for ISY.

14) Create a lighting button in the usual way: Select and drag an appropriate icon from the IMAGE library onto an appropriate page, label it, and then drag the Device Code you have just created onto it and SAVE.

15) Sync the iRule app in your tablet or phone and you will be prompted to configure unassigned devices.

16) Click NO and select the gateways icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your ISY gateway.

17) Press Devices and select Add device.

18) Select ISY Sample Commands from the list of unassigned devices presented and hit the “+†at the top of the screen.

19) Hit the button you’ve just created and see if it works.

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