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Universal RS232 2-Way Serial & 1-Wire Interface


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I am very interested in this product but require some clarification. You currently sell the Universal RS232 2-Way Serial & 1-Wire Interface, and a separate device called 1-Wire Temperature Monitor & Email Notifier.


I noticed that the ISY model does not have the e-mail notifier? I do realize that I could set up sms / e-mail from with in the ISY controller. But, my needs are more robust and require not only a back up e-mail client, but a stream lined threshold limit notifier.


Based on documentation for the 1-Wire Temperature Monitor & Email Notifier, this is accomplished very cleanly with a box the user could set the high & low settings with in your device.


This is very user friendly and quick to set up.


I am trying to avoid all the set up time and the clumsy programming of variables in my ISY just for a simple high / low alert. Can this feature be integrated into the Universal RS232 2-Way Serial & 1-Wire Interface via a firmware upgrade?


I have also noted your Beta support for humidity sensors and wondered if you considered carrying such devices so it could be a one stop shop at your sales portal?


This is my end goal for your device and the ISY-994iZ


1. Have a independent back up system that will send me high / low temperature & humidity readings via e-mail.


2. Be able to push these high and low readings to the ISY to control my Insteon network.


Teken . . .

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Thanks for your suggestions. We will certainly give them due consideration. Please note the new version of our device no longer requires the level-shifter for the humidity sensors and is already operating at 5V.


So the humidty sensor in Autelis forum thread could be used with out the aid of a external power supply? :D I would be very interested in seeing the inclusion of the e-mail notifier with the threshold limiter included in the ISY model.


Thank You


Teken . . .

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