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****************** UPDATED *******************

After posting this message I found the problem by watching the activity of my programs. I do have a motion sensor that is causing an issue by triggering a program over and over again. Time for a new battery.


BTW I do have a low battery warning program but I don't think that these devices always notice that the battery is getting low.




I'm getting a stream of messages in the event viewer Level 3 that won't stop. The following message scrolls up the screen several times each second.


Mon 12/23/2013 12:28:35 PM : [ Time] 12:28:34 1(0)


The message provides very little help in pointing me in the direction of the troublesome device. I have seen this before with the motion sensors when they have low batteries but I don't think that's the issue this time.


What's the best way to identify the source? Is there another tool I should be using?





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