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Why won't this work!? Lights + Garage Open Program


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I've read every thread I can find with the word garage and lights in it, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried every combination of moving the ( ) around, moving the order of things in "Then", and whatever else I could have thought of.


Basically, if I come home after sunset, but before sunrise, and 2 lights are OFF (bar lights / kitchen counter lights), I would like to turn them both ON. If at least one of those lights is ON, then I do not want anything to happen (meaning don't turn the other one on).


*In this example I'm using a set time of day, not sunset/sunrise so that I can be testing the program.


My results: If I have both lights off, and the garage opens, then both of them turn on. Ok, good. BUT, if I have 1 of the lights on, and the garage opens, then it turns the other light on...but that's not want I want. I'd like the other one to stay off.


All 3 of the IF functions need to be true for the THEN statement to operate. I even tried putting the ( ) around all of the IF, and that didn't work either.


What am I doing wrong? (Sorry about all the basic questions here. Completely new to all of this, and so far most of the items I can figure out or find answers to, but once I cannot figure it out I turn to ya'll. Plus, hopefully this helps anyone searching for answers in the future.)


       From     2:00:00PM
       To       3:00:00PM (same day)
   And Status  'Garage Door - Right-Sensor' is Off
   And (
            Status  'Bar Lights' is Off
        And Status  'Kitchen Counter Lights' is Off

       Set 'Bar Lights' On
       Set 'Kitchen Counter Lights' On

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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The posted Program should not produce the stated actual result. Most likely a Save was missed and running with older version than what is being displayed. The other possibility is the ISY does not have the correct state of one of the lights. Look at the On/Off state displayed by the Admin Console for both lights before the door is moved.

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Thanks for the reply.


I just checked the program thoroughly. I had to adjust the time of day, and the green arrow showed, I saved, and the green arrow went away.


Both lights off (verified visually), both lights show off in ISY. Opened garage via MobiLinc. Both lights came on. Good.


Next I tried...


1 of the lights on (verified visually), verified via ISY, 1 light on, 1 light off. Opened the garage via MobiLinc. The other light came on. :(


This is driving me nuts. Not only that, it's driving the dogs nuts. Every time they hear the garage door opening, they bolt for the door.


Also just tried the same 2 tests, but operating the garage door via ISY, instead of MobiLinc. Same results.

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I agree with LeeG...this is not a program problem. There are lots of possibilities explaining the behavior. My first question is whether the ISY knows that when these two lights are on. Try turning them on manually and checking the ISY to be sure that it noticed the change in status. Do this several times. Does the ISY always reflect accurate status?

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I agree with LeeG...this is not a program problem. There are lots of possibilities explaining the behavior. My first question is whether the ISY knows that when these two lights are on. Try turning them on manually and checking the ISY to be sure that it noticed the change in status. Do this several times. Does the ISY always reflect accurate status?


Just checked both lights several times. Each time the ISY reflects the correct on/off status of each light.


Check Programs | Summary for another Program that is being triggered at the same time.


Disable the posted program and see if light comes On anyway.


Click Help | About, what is displayed for Firmware?

what is displayed for UI?


- There are no other programs with these lights. I just installed them yesterday, and installed the garage unit today. Haven't had a chance to add them to anything else yet.


- Firmware is V.4.0.5

- UI is V.4.0.11



***Here's something I just noticed. My wife just came home, and I was in the middle of testing. I had 1 of the lights on, and 1 of them off. When she opened the garage door. The light that was ON, flashed OFF, then they both went ON. So...I think ISY is catching that light as OFF, and that makes them both OFF, so they both go ON.


That leads me to this question...with the above program...why is the light that is ON flashing OFF, then back ON again? Also, just did this...If I leave both lights ON, and open the garage, they both turn OFF. Then when I close the garage, they both flash ON briefly, and then stay OFF.



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You don't have the sensor and lights in a scene do you?


That could be having an effect also.


Or did you link the devices together manually (outside of ISY)?




I didn't have the lights in any other programs...but...at some point today I was playing with scenes trying to learn how all that works...and I had put the three of them (2 lights + Garage Door) into a scene. Just deleted the scene, and checked several times, and each time everything executed perfectly.




And no, had not linked the devices manually.


Thanks everyone for the quick replies and the resolution!

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More trouble in paradise...


Now that the program works, and it does work well...I have another issue.


When I switch a light at the source (switch the light on/off at the switch itself)...my ISY is not updating, and therefore my MobiLinc is not updating. I can control the device via ISY directly or MobiLinc, and when I do this the status in both is correct and updates correctly. But, if I walk over to the switch, and turn the light OFF, for example, it still shows ON in ISY and MobiLinc. If I query it in ISY, then it updates correctly to be OFF.


Any idea why this is happening?


I have 5 light switches (3 are SwitchLincs and 2 are ToggleLincs). All 5 are doing the same thing, that is, not reporting their status back to the ISY if I change the status at the switch itself. They were working/updating normally before. I tested them a million times today while working on the garage/lighting issues and so had them on/off and was aware of their state the entire time.


I didn't want to start a new thread. Anyone still reading this thread have any idea what I should try to resolve this or what could be causing this?


*Edit, just checked the garage door, and it does not update to ISY to show whether the sensor is OFF or ON (Open or Closed).


*Edit 2, there's nothing regarding me pressing the switches in Event Viewer or the Log. I've pressed a switch, gone back and checked both, and nothing happened at that time. Tried this a few times, same result. It's as if I'm pressing the button on the switch, and it's not sending data back to ISY telling it what it just did (turned ON for example). But I do have communication, as I can still control the lights from ISY/MobiLinc and those statuses reflect fine.

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When a device reliably turns On/Off from the Admin Console but does not report state changes most likely issue is link records missing in the PLM or the device. I would start with a File | Restore Modem (PLM) which will rebuild the PLM link database. If problems remain right click on failing device node and select Restore Device. If this is needed it will have to be done for each failing device. PLM link database is the most likely cause since it affects many devices.

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Thanks LeeG. First I had tried unplugging the ISY for a bit. That didn't fix the problem (I didn't expect it to as it wasn't really an ISY problem).


I just did a PLM restore, and that fixed it. Thank you very much.


Annoyed now more than ever with this...I don't like not understanding / the unexplained. Is there any thoughts as to why all of the sudden all of my switches/devices would break the link like that? Something I can avoid in the future? All of the sudden I don't feel like you can truly trust MobiLinc, for example, to see the status of my garage door, if the link might be broken and therefore MobiLinc would possibly be incorrect (not MobiLinc's fault, but thats where I would look for status of devices if I'm outside of the house).

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The PLM can fill with duplicate and no longer needed link records when there is active Scene/device management activity. There is a Tools | Diagnostics | Show PLM Link Table with a Count after the current records have been displayed. The max count for a 2413 PLM is 992 link records.


The issue with this is any inbound Insteon activity that reaches the PLM during the Show process will produce a false high or low link count. The Show PLM Links Table and Count have to been done 3-4 times to insure the Count is the same to be sure the count is accurate.

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