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Problems after replacing faceplates (KPL)


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I had a similar issue.


If the problem persists you'll probably need to do a factory default reset on the KPL which should correct your problem, be sure to remove the KPL from the ISY before the reset.


I found that it's always best to open the air gap prior to removing/replacing KPL buttons as it seems that when you press on the new buttons it can cause an issue with the KPL firmware depending on how the buttons are pressed.

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Hi Techman;


I airgapped it again and left it for the night. I find sometimes that the inability to have the proper outcome is directly

proportionate to the amount that I stress and care about it.


When I stop caring it usually rights itself.


I take off the whole mounting bracket, push the buttons on and replace it all so I don't actually push the buttons into the

electronic part of the switch.

(I just assumed that's the only way to do it as theres just four very small screws)


Thanks for the tip.



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