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Cannot detect a replacement INSTEON 2473S OutletLinc


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I have a number of INSTEON OutletLincs throughout my house that I use a lot at this time of year for controlling Christmas lights around my house.

I've had consistent issue with a single OutletLinc that would only respond to On/Off during a scene about 40% of the time. However if I manually turned the device on/off using the ISY99 admin console, it always worked.

So I just replaced it with a brand new INSTEON 2473S OutletLinc and for some reason I can't detect it.

I put the admin tool into linking mode and then held and pressed and held the Set button on the OutletLinc for 10 seconds to put it into linking mode.

I clicked Finish on the admin side yet it does not seem to detect the device and when I go and look at the OutletLinc, its still blinking.


Any suggestions on what I can try to make sure I can get it detected and linked?


I have a lot of INSTEON devices and repeaters so I would expect I should have a strong mesh by now enabling communications.




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Do you have any access points, confirmed on opposite legs of your electrical system? Is your PLM a dual band version? Is your PLM plugged into the same circuit or outlet as a bunch of other computer devices? Is your PLM pluggedinto, or next to, a surge suppressor or UPS?


For now, you can run an extension cord from the always-on outlet of the outletlinc into which plug the plm. Can you now add the outletlinc?

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