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Trying to Add an Axis IP Camera


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I have 4 IP cameras that I would like to access from my eKeypad which is running on an IPad.


They include two Insteon indoor cameras and two AXIS outdoor cameras.


The two Insteon cameras run well with my eKeypad Pro, but the AXIS cameras do not.


(The Insteon cameras use HTTP and the AXIS use HTTPS.)


I have one AXIS camera configured but not working. It is the P1357-E.


I tried configuring the second AXIS camera, the P3346-VE but whenever I do and hit Save, the Ekeypad Pro crashes and nothing is saved.


Note that eKeypad Pro has very few AXIS cameras in the list so I had to select a camera that was closest.


Note, too, that I can access all four cameras remotely through a web browser, so I know they are working properly.


So, here are my questions:


Does anyone know how to configure an AXIS camera in the ekeypad Pro when the camera is not listed?


Is there any way to request of the developers of ekeypad Pro to add a particular model to their list?


Does anyone know why ekeypad Pro crashes when I try to save the configuration?


Does anyone know why my properly configured AXIS camera will not work with ekepad Pro?

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I am sorry for the delayed response.


There is an update for eKeypad available on the app store today that adds support for https connections to IP cameras. Right now it is limited to the "Custom Setup" section while we back port it to the pre-configured library. Here are the steps you need to get the P1357-E working in eKeypad.


  • 1. Start by opening eKeypad and navigating to the configuration screen.
    2. Under the Device Management section select the IP Video section.
    3. Choose "Add Video Device..."
    4. Choose "Add Single Channel Camera and accept the popup warning.
    5. Device Name. This is the text describing the camera in eKeypad.
    6. Network Address. This is the IP Address or domain name for your camera.
    7. Port Number. Enter, "443". This is the default for http. The default for https is 443.
    8. Login is Required. This is the same login you use to access the web interface on the camera.
    9. Select the MJPEG button.
    10.Image URL. Enter the following without the quotes, "axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi".
    11. Channel URL. Leave this field blank.
    12. Extra URL. Leave this field blank.
    13. Special Data. Leave this field blank.
    14. Control Port. Leave this field blank.
    15. HTTP/HTTPS. <-- Ah, the new feature you were looking for. Select HTTPS
    15. Fit/Fill. Leave on default.
    16. Mirror Image. Leave this toggle OFF.
    17. Flip Image. Leave this toggle OFF.
    18. Enable PTZ. Leave this toggle OFF.
    19. Has Focus. Leave this toggle OFF.
    20. Dismiss the keyboard and press the save button in the upper right corner of the popup.


For others that may find this thread, the easiest way to request addition of new cameras or to get the help the fastest is to email our support. You can do this directly from eKeypad. Look on the Support screen and you will find a link labeled, "Have A New Feature Request?". This link will open an email message for you to fill out and send.


I hate to say it but the crash you experienced was probably a bug. We were not aware of this bug so it is most likely isolated to the Axis entry you tried from the pre-configured library. We will take a look into this. If you run into any issues like this with eKeypad, please email us. The support screen also has a link to report issues.

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I think phawtrey was correct. This camera looks just like a Foscam. I would start by trying the pre-configured library entry for Foscam (any of the models listed will be ok).


Please let us know if it works or you still have issues. The best method is to report an issue through the Support screen in eKeypad. We will be happy to help you further to get this camera working if necessary.

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