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Water Meter help


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I am not sure if this is the right spot but here goes:


I want to measure water usage of a building. I have researched the forum and heard talk of using

Brultech meters



so forth and so on


I know Michel said that ISY does not directly support water metering, but I see that it can be done in some bolted-on way.

I am volunteering my "varied and vast" (well so I was told by my friends, er, em, eh, the client) automation know-how to help design an automation system for a local religious organization.

ISY seems to answer many of their initial green building (LEED) requirements


So I am looking for a little guidance and experience to add to my "varied and vast" :P




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"How do you read the water amounts?"


I used Powerhome to read the values. This arrangement has been installed for years so not reading water usage any more. My water usage does not change.


"How do you configure the EZFlora?"


I use the Simplehomenet Utility Suite from Smartenit web site (free download).


"Why do you use an EZFlora? What about any ZigBee based tech?"


There was no Zigbee available, at least not supported by the products I use, back when the pulse meter and EZFlora were installed.

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The subdivision is supplied from a common well that we pay for by the year, not by water usage. The county installed a water system some years ago which is what motivated me to install a meter on the house. Wanted to see how much water I would be billed for if the subdivision decided to connect to the county system. Turns out the majority of the subdivision was not interested in paying the connection and water fee so we are still on private water.

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