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LED bulb issues

no clue

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I purchased 4 of the Insteon LED bulbs about a year or so ago. Out of all of the insteon devices I have, they have been the quirkiest as far as following their respective program instructions, etc. They probably turn on or off correctly about 90% of the time via the program on my ISY99i. A couple of weeks ago, 3 out of the 4 started flickering when turned on and stay that way until the program turns them off at surnrise. The light output is very small and only visible when dark. Is this a sign of the bulb failing or is something elsw going on?

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Unless the power feeding them is poor.

Flickering and lower than normal light outputs. Would indicate they are failing.

They are actually on two different panels. They are the same age and approximate use so I thought failing bulbs was the most likely cause. It just seems way too premature for them to fail after a year. They are rated for at least 10 times as long as they have been in use.

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