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SWL won't respond to program


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Hi Guys;


I have a SWL that works fine as a light switch and responds to existing programs and timers but I cant seem to add a simple program to it and have it respond.

I've airgapped it as well and nothing.


       Control 'Theatre Room' is switched Fast Off

       Set 'Theatre Room' 50%

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Not a tricky program.


Any thoughts?



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Changing to a new ISY would not cause that but changing the PLM could. The sequence of power off ISY/PLM, connect and power up new PLM, power up ISY, do a Restore Modem (PLM) should have changed all the link records in all the devices to point to the new PLM address as well as building the new PLM link database. If the sequence is not followed devices would not get updated and/or the new PLM not built.


There is a File | Restore Devices which restores all the devices. This will take some time to run as well as having to hand le the battery devices one at a time.


Run a Show Device Links Table against a few of the devices and see if any still have the old PLM address.

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