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Status and Commnication with Miniremote / RemoteLinc2

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Communication with RemoteLinc2 / Now called a Miniremote 4 Scene

Overall Configuration:


ISY-994i IR/PRO, running 4.0.5 and UI 4.0.11


Approximately 100 Insteon devices:

• Mainly Switchlincs, Lamplincs, Outletlincs, On/Off Adapters, etc etc

• 10 KPL’s – including some new dual band units

• Triggerlincs (2)

• RemoteLincs (3)

• RemoteLinc2 (4)

• Controllincs (2)

• ISY-99i

• Access Points (4)

• Dualband LampLinc dimmers (4)

• Dual Band 240V load controller (2)

• Signal Linc (2)

• Venstar Thermostats (3) with V2 RF interface

• EZRain/EZFlora Irrigation Controller v.92



• House is about 4000 sq feet, two floors, but still pretty spread out.

• One main power panel, 400A service. With three subpanels with breakers.

• Both main panels have Leviton 51110-1 120/240 120/240 Volt Single-Phase Panel surge protectors

• Third subpanel is only for the pool equipment and washer dryer. Both main panels each have a signal linc installed.

• All power strips are either filtered via X-10 Pro 20 A in line or 15A plug in filters, or do NOT have any surge suppression or noise filtering. No UPS in the system.

• Numerous other devices are filtered via one of the above or a simple X-10 5A plug in filter or a leviton in line 5A filter.


Issue1: My RemoteLinc2, is not working 100% since upgrade to the 994. In particular, the status in the UI Admin Console of buttons B, C and D is blank. Button A displays status as advertised. The RemoteLinc2 correctly functions controlling the scenes linked to those B, C and D buttons, but the status of the scene is not accurately reflected in the UI Admin Console unless a QUERY is done. Also:


• I ran a Device Link Table comparison with the ISY and it comes up without any differences.

• I see acceptable, I think, activity in the Event Viewer for button A, and NO activity for button B, C and D. Regardless of the Level set in the Event Viewer.


Issue2: Unable to identify / recognize my other miniremotes by the ISY-994), but I thought it best to resolve this one first.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A couple of things jump out at me...


"ONE main power panel" yet "Both main panels"? Is there one or more than one. Can I assume "both" refer to two/three sub panels?


You have surge suppressors on two sub-panels? This makes me concerned about communication across the legs of each, as well as between each. Do you have two access points on each sub panel, each on different legs? How did you confirm this?


When you updated the ISY, did this include the PLM? Did you put the new ISY in a different location?


Still, i find it interesting that it is your remotes (which are battery operated) are the trouble devices. I cannot help but wonder if they failed to get updated in your ISY swap. The first thing I would try would be to restore one to see if functionality returned. In order to do this, you must put the motion sensor into linking mode. If this works, I would try restoring the rest.

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My apologies, I did not make it clear with the panels.....


1. The MAIN panel I refer to is a misnomer, it is just the master switch for all power.. I have three sub panels/ breaker boxes. Two of three have the Leviton surge suppressor. The panel without a Leviton is only for the dryer and pool filter and water feature pump.


I also have a SignaLinc at each of the two panels that have Leviton surge suppressors. In addition I have 4 access points, one of which is plugged right into the original PLM. This configuration has Been solid for several years. I have not yet swapped out my original PLM (2412S) for the 2413S. I wanted to get everything working before I do the big PLM swap out.


The 994 is in the exact same physical position as the 99.


The access points are distributed as two on each sub panel, and verified that they are each on different legs/phases of each subpanel. Original verification method was to measure voltage across the two hots where I wanted to place the two access points. If the hots were the same phase, the voltage would have been zero.


As for restoring the remote links/mini remotes. I am afraid I have attempted to troubleshoot these and have subsequently removed and added the mini remotes multiple times each, so my baseline is trashed. Given that, I went ahead and did a restore on a 4 scene mini remote, that was properly controlling a scene but did not show any status in the admin console (just blank in the status box). The restore seemed to complete successfully. The control of the scene was still there but still no status.


I am not sure about the motion sensor comment. At this point, the functionality of scene control is OK. But the ISY reported status in the Admin Console is not working. A show stopper, no, but it would lead me to believe that something fishy is going on that I don't understand.


Thanks for your help.

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am not sure about the motion sensor comment. At this point, the functionality of scene control is OK.


Sorry. I meant remotes. I had motion sensor of the brain.


The bigger point is that these battery devices need to be put into linking mode for any changes to be written, including restoration. Perhaps you already knew this.


It is possible for an insteon device to control a scene, but not register in the ISY. I would normally look for two possible causes: communication with the ISY, or somehow the remote lost link records with the ISY/PLM. Putting the access point on the PLM should have squelched any concern about communication. That is why I was thinking in terms of link records. But you have added/restored/readded many times, so it sounds like you have done the things I would do.


Have you tried moving the PLM to another circuit, using an extension cord, if necessary? What about software updates to the ISY? Restore PLM?


I vaguely recall a possible relationship between device status and anti-virus and/or firewall, but this never made much sense to me, and I assume would apply across the board, if applicable at all.

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Thank you for the prompt response. I have always avoided any PLM backup/restore out of fear........probably unfounded, but have read some threads that scared me off in any case. It sounds like that is what I should do, or at least go to the new 2413S? This evening, I will at least move the PLM to another branch circuit and give it a shot.....


In the meantime, I have a better handle on the symptoms......


I had incorrectly assumed that if I could NOT see a status in the Admin console window, I would not be able to link it to a scene. That is clearly not the case in this situation....I have a second 4 scene mini-remote that does not provide status for button D, but I am able to link it and have it properly control the scene, and the status for buttons A, B and C are properly displayed and they properly control their scenes. The only issue with this mini-remote appears to be the status......


As for ISY software update, I am running 4.0.5, what s/w update would you recommend? Go to the latest Beta?


Does this order of events make sense, if not please advise:


1. More thoroughly characterize the issues with all 4 mini-remotes, including running device link table comps with the ISY on all 4.

2. Move PLM via extension cord

3. Restore PLM

4. Update ISY firmware

5. Update to PLM 2413S

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All of these symptoms could have a single cause in common - PLM missing link records. I think a PLM restore is the next best move here. AntiVirus/Firewall is ruled out if some devices provide status and others don't.



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How old is your PLM? If more than a few years, It might be a good idea to order a spare before this one quits. Keep an eye on it. Under normal circumstances the PLM should not lose link records. This could be an early indication of impending failure.



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Be aware that the 2413S does not provide power for the ISY. If you are currently receiving power from a 2412S PLM, you will need a power supply for the ISY. The ISY-994 usually ships with a 5V power supply in the box. If you are already using that, then you should be all set to switch to the 2413S.



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