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On/Off Module (2635-222) Local Toggle Status


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I have Insteon up and running in my home using an ISY994. All devices and programming works as expected with one exception. I just received and implemented the use of an On/Off Module (2635-222). I can control it through programming and see the status change on the ISY. When I use the local device on/off buttons, I don't see any control/status change info on the ISY. I've tried it in three different outlets, but same results.


My understanding is that this new version of the old Appliancelinc should report local changes. Is there any special setup that needs to be done? I've searched through the forum posts but haven't found anything on this.


Any help on this would be appreciated.



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What ISY firmware is being used?



What does Help | About show for UI level?



Right click on the On/Off Module, select Diagnostics | Show Device Links Table. Post the link table display.

0 : 0FF8 : A2 00 2A.A1.01 FF 1F 01

1 : 0FF0 : 00 00 00.00.00 00 00 00

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The Controller link record was not written when the device was added to the ISY. The odd mixture of 4.0.5 with 4.1.2 UI may be the cause. Suggest moving to 4.1.2 being sure Java cache with Applications cleared after moving to 4.1.2. Delete the 2635-222 and add it back under 4.1.2. There needs to be a link record in the 2635-222 that starts with an E2 ........ for it to register a local state change with the ISY.

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