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v4: Hide/Show Devices, Scenes, Programs


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I am using iOS v4 and have a couple of questions/requests:


Am I correct that the "Dashboard" essentially the Favorites screen and that anything not on that is accessed via Devices, Scenes, Programs, etc?

If so, it would be great to either a) be able to select what items display on Devices, Screens, etc, or B) add a "Favorites" 1st screen to Devices, Scenes, Programs.


The reason for this request so the Dashboard doesn't get too long (and thus loose its purpose for quick, frequent access), however, with many many devices, scenes, programs, those panels are so long as to be useless for daily functionality. Its nice to be able to have access to everything for those few times you need to dig deep, but having to scroll through hundreds of items to find anything not on the Dashboard it tedious.


Possibly this functionality is there and I just done see it.


Thanks for listening.

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I emailed Mobilinc support in addition to the post above. I received a near immediate reply from Wes, Wow, impressive, thanks!


Mobilinc currently supports removing Scenes, Devices from the app. This is done by going to the appropriate panel (Devices, Scenes) and swiping left to right to delete ahe desired item. This deletes it from the App, not from ISY. These can be re-added by re-syncing under Settings->Lighting Controller.


That's definitely a help in removing excess clutter. I'd suggest a front page of "Favorites" on the Devices, Scenes, Programs pages would add additional ease of use, yielding global favorites on the Dashboard and type-specific favorites for Devices, Scenes, Programs. No criticism, just an icing-on-the-cake request.



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Hi ccclapp,


Another suggestion for you if you have many devices/folder/scenes/program you want hidden from MobiLinc automatically:

If you use the Hide Me prefix settings in MobiLinc->Settings->MobiLinc Settings to prefix your item names, MobiLinc will auto-hide these from the interface so you don't have to swipe to delete/hide in MobiLinc.



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