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Garage Door Device Options


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Can anyone explain what these the device options do for each one on a garage door Insteon device:


Here they are:

Program Lock

Key Beep


Ready Follows Input

Send X10 Send on (or Off)

Trigger Reverse

Latching: Continuous

Momentary A: Triggered by either on or off

Momentary B: Triggered by both on and off

Momentary C: Trigger based on sensor input


These above have to be checked




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Program Lock - locks the configuration, prevents accidental changes

Key Beep - beeps when Set button pressed

LED on TX - LED blinks when I/O Linc sending

Ready Follows Input - relay turns On when Sensor turns On

Send X10 Send on (or Off) - enables X10

Trigger Reverse - reverses commands sent by Sensor - Sensor On sends Off command


The I/O Linc User Guide covers these Relay options in detail ----


Latching: Continuous - relay remains On until explicitly turned Off

Momentary A: Triggered by either on or off - relay turns Off after timeout interval expires for these options

Momentary B: Triggered by both on and off - each momentary mode reacts to On/Off commands

Momentary C: Trigger based on sensor input - differently

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Thanks Leeg, I am trying to figure out when I open and close my garage door with my phone, I am using the on option for both. Is there a way to use the 'on' for open and 'off' for close? What I want to do is send a sms response to my phone ONLY if it is manually opened/closed by the normal garage door buttons and NOT my phone app. I created a program to pass a variable but I can't test the 'on' or 'off' status because it uses the same 'on' for both.



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"I am using the on option"


Sorry, I don't know what option is being referred to.


The Relay will be On when the Sensor turns On (or Off based on type of magnetic switch and trigger reverse option) when controlled by ISY and phone.


If Status 'iolinc-relay is Off

And Control 'iolinc-sensor is switched On


send message - door operated manually


The Relay will be operating in one of the Momentary modes so the Relay Status will normally be On all the time. It will be necessary to turn the Relay Off with an ISY Program a few seconds after the ISY turns the Relay On to Open/Close the door.


EDIT: this example does not work in all cases. it will take some thought to put together a Program that covers opening and closing manually

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Thanks LeeG. I think I got it. I will test it when I get home from work.


As long as nothing changes when I use the manual remotes (meaning that the IO Relay says 'off'), it should be what I am looing for.


I have created a program called: "Garage Relay off" to set the relay to 'off' in the then statement. Then in another program, I check the sensor for 'on' or 'off' to see either open or closed along with checking a variable = 0 and also run the program "Garage Relay Off (Then) statement to set it to off along with a Variable being set to '0'. So when I hit the App's 'on' button to open the garage, I pass a '1' to the variable so no sms gets sent. Then I reset to 0 for the next time. In theory this should work.


I'll let you know.


Thanks again

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