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Snapshot / Restore Functions


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It would be really helpful if you could implement a snapshot and restore functionality for scenes.


The idea being that the ISY could take a snapshot of the state of all devices in a scene, and then restore that scene to the last snapshot state within programs.


My specific use would be this:


Create a scene with all of my devices that control, on / off state of announcement speakers (each is controlled by an appliancelinc or an outletlinc).


When I want to direct an announcement to a specific speaker or speakers, I could snapshot the scene, command speaker controlling devices in that scene to a given state, perform the network resources I need, and then restore the speaker devices to their initial state via the restore command.


This could also be very useful to those who want to flash lights on or off and then return a scene to a given initial state.


I am sure there are many other possible uses.


Thank you for considering.



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Hi kevkmartin,


5.0 and allowing variables to be set to status of devices should help. Once that's in place, then we can add the snapshot on top (though we have to figure out whether or not we have to pay Lutron for their patent on this).


With kind regards,



How do they have a patent on storing the state of a scene in controller memory?!?

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